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It might not make for a Hollywood styled love story, but was none the less all very romantic. For this we go back to the spring of 1998.

Christoffer first noticed Kaisa when teaching a now obsolete graphics program at a community college. Or to be more precise he noticed her absence, as she was not present. He then noticed her for the second time when she, ten minutes late and panting from running up the stairs, enters the class.

Two weeks later Christoffer’s phone rings at four in the morning. It is Kaisa calling, very drunk, from downstairs. She asks if it’s okay to come over for a visit. She informs him that she is already standing by his door, if that would make deciding any easier. Christoffer lets her inside.

Once there she sits on his bed, and in less than five minutes is fast asleep. Snoring. Loudly.

Christoffer then went for an early morning walk as not to disturb the poor girl. And to try to figure out what kind of breakfast she would prefer once awake.

After this the two have become more or less inseparable.

Oh, Kaisa also never drank again. She had learned her lesson.


We’ve written this site so you can read about all the things we’ve thought about and done since.

Have fun!

Kaisa + Leka