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Christoffer is born. He is very scrawny.


Christoffer visits Disneyland. The place impresses him greatly.


Kaisa is born. She has funny feet.

Christoffer’s father saws a plastic barrel (originally containing apple juice) in half, thus creating a boat for both of his sons. Christoffer’s long lasting love for the sea is born.


Christoffer attends his first scout camp and cries every day.


Kaisa is ridiculed for having unusual feet.


Kaisa learns to read in order to escape the grim reality of life.


Christoffer stars in the television film De e kova city sidu, playing Wilhelm, a young boy who gets bullied and is pushed into shoplifting.


Christoffer proclaims to his parents that his career goal is to become the Walt Disney of Finland. It takes him thirteen years to find someone to draw ducks and mice for him.


Christoffer receives his first skateboard. His life is never the same again.


Christoffer is awarded the title First Class Scout.


Christoffer founds the comic book Dead Head Comix and publishes in it comics made by his friends and himself. It runs for three issues.


Christoffer becomes a punk rocker. Later he finds out he is a straight edger.


Kaisa experiences the worst year in her life as junior high school begins.

Christoffer receives a stipend of 3000 Finnish marks for being a good friend and receives a white hat as proof of his academic performances.


Christoffer joins the Hare Krishna movement in Helsinki. He is also promoted to lance corporal for exemplary military behaviour.

Kaisa decides she wants to be an artist.


Christoffer’s mother sends him off to art school in an attempt to make her son do something more than just chant in the streets. Christoffer very much enjoys art school.


Christoffer founds his publishing company Absolute Truth Press.


Kaisa’s applications are rejected by all the Finnish art schools.

Christoffer quits his day job, packs his old Honda Civic with comic books he has published and tours around Finland selling them in the streets.


Kaisa arrives to Christoffer’s apartment very drunk at four o’clock in the morning, falls asleep on his bed and begins snoring loudly. The two are inseparable ever since. Kaisa never drinks again.

Christoffer begins teaching graphic design.

Kaisa begins chanting the Hare Krishna mantra.


Christoffer encourages Kaisa to make a zine of her own. A couple of days later Kaisa draws her famous characters for the first time: The Mouse and the Duck.


To her amazement Kaisa graduates from vocational school and begins her BA studies at Muotsikka, the school of her dreams. Later on both Kaisa and Christoffer end up teaching there.


Kaisa receives new feet as her old ones have reached the end of their road.


Kaisa publishes a memoir of her amputation titled “I am not these feet”.

Kaisa and Christoffer get married.

Kaisa and Christoffer are formally initated into the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition by Swami B.V. Tripurari, and receive the names Krishangi dasi and Kamalaksa dasa.


Kaisa and Christoffer begin hosting yoga retreats at their summer cottage in the Porvoo archipelago.


Kaisa and Christoffer receive diksa initiation from their teacher Swami B.V. Tripurari who bestows upon them the sacred gayatri mantras.

Kaisa and Christoffer ride their bikes from their home in Porvoo to Mehamn by the Arctic Ocean. Everyone is amazed.


Christoffer becomes an uncle.


Kaisa and Christoffer receive the Finland prize for their achievements in the field of book design.


Kaisa runs for the Finnish Parliament, fails to get elected and realizes she’s an artist, not a politician.


Kaisa is awarded the Puupäähattu prize for her exceptional achievements in the field of comic book art.

Kaisa is chosen to be the Cyclist of the Year.


Kaisa is awarded the Vimma prize for her achievements in the field of promoting disability awareness.

Kaisa and Christoffer ride their bikes from New York to San Francisco. They meet many interesting people along the way. It takes them three months to finish their journey. 6300 kilometers, in case you were wondering.


Kaisa and Christoffer’s book Imperfect is awarded a prize for being the most beautiful book in Finland.

Kaisa and Christoffer receive the Comic Book Finlandia award for their book Imperfect.

Kaisa and Christoffer kayak from Kem by the White Sea to St. Petersburg by the Baltic Sea with two friends. It takes them seven weeks.


Kaisa and Christoffer ride their bikes from Alaska to California. To their great surprise Alaska turns out to be warm while California is cold.


Kaisa and Christoffer publish their book Russian Diaries, in which they chronicle their experiences paddling in Karelia.


Kaisa and Christoffer kayak around the Åland Islands and visit three different lighthouses in the process. The see many seals during their sea voyage.


Kaisa and Christoffer are awarded the title of Graphic Designer of the Year.

Kaisa and Christoffer publish their book Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers inspired by discussions conducted with Christoffer’s rambunctious niece Alwa.

Kaisa and Christoffer publish their art project Before the Sun Sets under big festivities. The entire country celebrates.