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In the spring of 1997 Christoffer quit his day job and loaded the trunk of his Honda Civic with boxes full of comic books.

The books stuffed in the trunk of his car were drawn and designed by himself and he had had them printed at the press in his hometown. In the book Christoffer spoke about the importance of spirituality in an impermanent world.

The whole operation was financed with money Christoffer had managed to save from working a minimum wage job at the ad department of the local newspaper.

Full of idealism and enthusiasm he traveled around Finland selling his books during the days, and spending the nights in cheap hostels along the way. At times he traveled alone, at times with friends. And that’s the way he spent his days, stopping people on the street, telling them about his mission in life.

This little comic book marked the birth of Absolute Truth Press.

But it would take a very special encounter and several years before this little publishing house became the success it is today.

That very special encounter was meeting Kaisa.

Although not obvious from the start, the two complimented each other. Christoffer was (and is) full of ideas, enthusiastic, but somehow slightly aloof from the practicalities of this world.

Kaisa on the other hand was organised almost to a fault, but very industrious and competent in practically any field she chose to devote her attention to.

Kaisa’s one big fault however was that she lacked self-confidence. She wanted to make a zine of her own, but felt like she needed some kind of confirmation that her thoughts and drawings were worth publishing. Fortunately Christoffer had been handed more than a fair share of self-confidence, and he was happy to share some with Kaisa. Therefore Christoffer strongly encouraged Kaisa to start working on her own publications upon learning about her dream. And she did.

Very quickly Kaisa met with more success in her efforts than Christoffer ever had. It was however only when the two began collaborating instead of making books of their own that the sparks really began flying. It took Kaisa and Christoffer about five years to realise that their goals where best reached by combining their forces.

Both brought something to the table – Christoffer brought chaos, Kaisa order. Both much needed, for with chaos alone nothing of value is achieved, and with order alone only boredom ensues. But combine the two, and there is no telling what might happen.

Yes, it took them some time, but once they reached this realisation there was no stopping them. Of this there is no better proof that the books they have published since.